who is the girl putting lipstick on in the honey movie poster?

I have no idea, it was a stock photo, so it’s not anyone famous as far as I know, sorry anon.

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Wow tu ari esi no latvijas! Un tev patīk MCR!!

I am, I am. :D (Nu, teorētiski vismaz, t.i, patīk teorētiski, vairāk vai mazāk es vnk skumstu, ka viņu vairs nav.)

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mcr   gerard way   he's still the cutest pixie i've evern known   god is miss them so much sometimes  

Gerard Way at the “Humans From Earth” Podcast Series 

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How old are you?

Ask me off anon, and I’ll answer. :)

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Are you latvian by any chance?

Yes, I am. :)

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Fake Your Death
My Chemical Romance

my chemical romance   i still think about them every day   it's so weird that i used to blog about them all the time   i spent hours on tumblr almost every day   and i had so many friends here   and now it's all gone   but i am also very very okay with it   i will always want whats best for them   also this song is fucking perfect  

April 8th 1996.

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I found your movie posters a few weeks ago, and I got so much inspiration from them (I write stories, mostly fanfics) so could I write them or would it be to idea-stealing kinda thing?

Go for it, anon! :)

anonymous   ask   sorry i am not active on this blog lately and it took me so long to answer  

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why be an mcr fan when you can stab yourself in the stomach 72 times and fall down a flight of stairs and feel the same way

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Hey I know you've made a lot of MCR movie posters and I was wondering if you've ever made one for sleep?

Hi! I didn’t. The original plan was to make one for every song, but sometimes it’s impossible to find the right stock image or photo.

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Hottest demon ever tbh

teen wolf   stiles stilinski   if this is how demons look send me stright to hell   this is the best scene ever and you can't fight me on this   demon stiiles is my favorite stiles  


a shadow

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Patient 0

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teen wolf   claudia stilinski   i am not crying it's just rain